Making Healthy Food Choices

Making Healthy Food Choices

Vegetables, fruits, and grains are normally low in
fat and have no cholesterol. Most are great sources
of dietary fiber, complex carbs, and vitamins.
The American Heart Association recommends that you
eat foods that are high in complex carbs and fiber.

Below are some tips for making healthy food choices:

  • Coconut is high in saturated fat, while olives
    are high in monounsaturated fats and calories. You
    should use these items sparingly to avoid getting
    too many calories from fat.
  • When vegetable grains are cooked, saturated fat
    or cholesterol is often added. For example, egg
    yolks may be added to bread or even pasta.
  • Processed, canned, or preserved vegetables may
    also contain added sodium. With some people, too
    much sodium (salt) may lead to high blood pressure.
    There are some food companies that are actually
    canning vegetables with less salt. You can look
    for these in the market area or choose fresh and
    even frozen vegetables.
  • Nuts and seeds tend to be high in calories and
    fat, although a majority of the fat is polyunsaturated
    or monounsaturated. There are some varieties,
    macadamie nuts for example, that are also high in
    saturated fat.

Foods that are high in soluble fiber are a great
choice as well. Examples include oat bran,
oatmeal, beans, peas, rice bran, barley, and
even apple pulp.

Whenever you are looking for healthy food choices,
always make sure you read the nutrition label
or information about the food. You can then
determine what the food contains and how healthy
it truly is for your body. By taking your time
and making your healthy food choices wisely,
you’ll have a lifetime to enjoy the foods that
will take care of you.